Lundar, Manitoba

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Allowing Future Generations to Benefit
from our Forward Thinking

The Landscape

The landscape is flat to gently undulating, dotted with different size water bodies or ‘potholes’. Tributaries, creeks and channels flow west through these numerous wetlands and sloughs on their way to Lake Manitoba. Agriculture, hay and ranch lands are the dominant land use in the WIWCD with many landowners having livestock operations.

The WIWCD strives to be the lead local watershed organization, bringing a holistic and sustainable management perspective to issues affecting surface and groundwater quality and quantity. The WIWCD is comprised of watershed residents that are divided into Sub Districts based on sub watershed boundaries.

An Executive Board was elected from that membership. The work of the Executive Board and Sub District members compliments ongoing efforts to improve the water quality in Lake Manitoba and its' surrounding waterways. This includes groundwater and surface water sources. The WIWCD is also committed to the preservation of the soil landscape, wildlife and fish habitat within its boundaries.